We're up to something awesome.... 

We're launching a new political party in 2026 to empower our communities

About us


#FixNzFamilyCourt political party is a group of community members aiming to mainly push for a change to improve issues related to social issues mainly the family court, and access to justice

Our Main Policies

Our main policies are focused on these two issues that many families and children are struggling with. More to come close to the Elections- Stay tuned !

Frequently Asked Questions

What you up to ?

Good question – we are planning to start a new political party soon for the 2026 Elections. We are in the process of collecting more people voices who will vote for us and support us !

Register your interest

Make sure to register your interest. It’s free and without obligation, and it ensures you won’t miss out on the exciting stuff in 2026. We simply want to start gathering the voices of people who are interested in supporting us through the campaign.

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